Claudia Gambino

Our Board of Directors

Keri LaMar

Founder and President

Jim LaMar
Founder and Treasurer

Another one of our special rescues is Animal Crackers Pet Rescue.  This little darling was also named in honor of Keri.  There is truly no greater honor!

Keri grew up in Southern California, and for as long as she can remember, she has felt a strong connection to the animals. 

In 1987, Keri met Jim, the love of her life, and the two have been together for almost three decades.  Jim shares Keri's compassion and love for the animals, and together, they are determined to help make the world a happier place for the animals.

Keri received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, and a Doctorate in Law.  After law school, Keri worked at the District Attorney's Office in their Child Support Division, and has been a Divorce Mediator for the last two decades.

Keri and Jim are the proud parents of a beautiful Shepherd/Chow/Malamute mix named Bella, a Blue Tick Coon Dog/Pug/Mini Poodle mix named Momo, and a brown paper wrapper Chihuahua named Parker.  

When rescue gets overwhelming , Jim is always there to encourage, support, and help in every possible way. 

Bella was adopted by the LaMar Family in 2009 when Keri read her story on  Bella was a stray, and had been living for a year in the backyard of an elderly woman, with very little human contact.  Keri looked at Jim and said "We have to go get her".   We contacted the rescue group who had been asked to step in and help, as the woman was no longer able to care for her.  We brought her home, and she has been a perfect addition to our family.   Bella is in remission from cancer (mast cell tumors) after undergoing nine months of chemotherapy.   She is a happy girl, and enjoys sitting in the front window, watching the wildlife in the front yard, and loves going for walks. 

Our ultimate goal is to open an Animal Sanctuary, either in the United States, or in the Caribbean.  We are currently exploring our options! 

No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.   ~ Edmund Burke

Jim was born and raised in Southern California.  He had several dogs during his childhood, and has always been compassionate about the plight of animals in need.  

When he's not doing something dog-related, Jim enjoys playing golf, sailing, and scuba diving. 

Jim graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering, and then went on to earn two Masters Degrees - the first in Engineering Management from USC, and the second in Cyber Security from NYU. 

Claudia was born in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  She graduated from Caney High School in 1960 and was selected by the Lions Club to attend Girls' State at Kansas University.  She moved to California when she was 19 and received her Bachelors Degree from California State University, Long Beach in Elementary Education.   She taught school in Lynwood and Cerritos, California for 21 years, and served as PTA President for many years.  She has played the piano over 64 years and accompanies numerous groups in Orange and Los Angeles counties, including the North and South Orange County Tremble Clef Parkinson Choirs.  Claudia also plays for individual piano programs, musical plays, and other events.  She has loved every animal she has had in her lifetime, and has a great love for ALL animals ... especially her grand-dogs! 

Many of Jim's weekends are dedicated to rescue - whether he's repairing fences, transporting dogs, or other unexpected duties that often present themselves in rescue.

In 2011, Jim and Keri made the decision to stop eating animals.   The decision was for compassionate reasons, and also for the health benefits.   It was the most rewarding decision we've ever made!

Bella Fifi Love Dog

We have had the honor of working closely with several other reputable rescue groups ~ one of whom, Meade Canine Rescue, named this precious senior Chihuahua after Keri!