As you can imagine, it is incredibly difficult seeing the hundreds of dogs every day that we are unable to help.   Meet Oliver.   A 10 year old poodle who was scheduled to be euthanized. Oliver's medical issues appeared extensive.  The shelter vet believed that Oliver had a tumor in his abdomen, among many other issues. My heart broke when I saw his photo.  He was given a 'mercy shave-down' to make him more comfortable, and he didn't have the will to stand up while he was shaved.  This is the sort of situation where we are forced to decide - do we save a dog who likely doesn't have much time to live, or do we save a healthy dog with many years ahead of them.

Our rescue pulled Oliver.  We didn't know how much time he would have left, but we promised him he would be forever loved until the end.   Imagine our surprise when our vet announced that not only did Oliver not have a tumor, but he was in great health, other than 27 rotted teeth that were ultimately extracted!  

Since Oliver was so healthy, we reached out to our friends at Meade Senior Canine Rescue in Creston, CA.  They took Oliver in, and he now spends his days toodling around with the other senior dogs, happy as can be!   
Sometimes, we just need to go with our heart.

Max and his foster Mom, Claudia

Cindy and Chaya

Shelter photo



Ramona was on the euthanasia list at the Ramona Shelter.   Meade Canine Rescue said they would save her, so we agreed to foster pending transport.   I remembered reading about a rescue who was sending some dogs up north via Pilots and Paws the following day, so I contacted the rescue and asked if there was any chance that Ramona could go along for the trip.   I was delighted when the answer returned was "yes!".  We sponsored her flight, and I met the pilot at the airport the following morning and watched as several dogs flew off to start their new lives with their new families.   It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.   Precious little Ramona was so grateful to be out of the shelter.   She covered me in kisses, and I am certain that she was saying thank you.  

Buddy was a stray in our neighborhood, and our friend Angie came to his rescue.   She fostered him for quite a while until a friend of hers saw her post on Facebook about him and wanted to adopt him.   They live on several acres in Arizona with other dogs, and horses.  We were happy to be a part of his journey by sponsoring his medical bills.   Buddy is now living the good life with his new family! 

Chaya was abandoned at the South LA Shelter fifteen years after being adopted from that same shelter as a puppy.   We were told that she needed a hospice foster, as she was quite elderly and was most likely in her last days.   The lovely Chela Landau couldn't bear to see her die in the shelter, and sent out a plea for a foster.   We agreed to take her temporarily until another foster could be found, as we already had another foster dog at the time.   Chaya was frail, and covered in bumps and scars.  Our friend Anna saw the plea for a foster, so between the two of us, we were determined to keep this darling girl safe.  A few days after Chaya went to stay with Anna, I received a friend request from a woman named Cindy.   Within a few minutes of glancing at Cindy's page, I noticed that she commented that she planned to adopt a senior dog in the near future.  I sent her an email and said "I realize we literally only met seven minutes ago, but I have this lovely senior who desperately needs a home".   She immediately emailed back and said she wanted to meet Chaya.   It was love at first sight.   Chaya blossomed under Cindy's love and care, and even walked a mile or two each day around their lake.   Cindy had been going through a difficult time before meeting Chaya, and repeatedly said that Chaya saved her life.   Tragically, about six months after adopting Chaya, Cindy unexpectedly passed away.   As expected, Chaya soon followed her beloved mom ...  and we believe the two were once again reunited

Animals that we've had the honor of helping

We adopted Sasha in 2002 from the Corona Animal Shelter.   We knew the moment we saw her that she would be part of our family.   We learned from her DNA test that she was a Jindo/Chow mix.   We had never heard of a Jindo, but quickly learned all there was to know about the breed.   Sasha was quite literally a perfect dog in all respects.   She was with us for twelve glorious years until we unexpectedly lost her recently to cancer.  She is still with us in our hearts, and she is the catalyst for all that we do to help other animals.   Sasha was our heart dog. 


Marvin! (now Mikey)


Jane Dog!

Parker and Momo (formerly known as Mamas and Papas) lived for three years on the streets of Riverside, California, with their homeless companion. They never knew the comforts of a real home, or when their next meal would come, and lived most of their life on a leash. In December 2013, a volunteer who helps the animals of the homeless put out a plea for a foster for a few nights, as it was below freezing, and their companion was unable to properly care for them. We came forward and originally said we could only foster for a few nights, as our own dog had cancer and we were advised by her oncologist that she needed to avoid any unnecessary stress. We tried to find another foster, to no avail.  We couldn't bear the thought of them being turned back onto the street, so we eventually decided to have them signed over to Kisses and Paws. They are the most delightful little dogs. They wake up with smiles every morning, and it's clear that they are truly grateful to be waking up in a comfortable bed instead of on the hard cement on the cold and scary street. Parker is outgoing and social, and loves people! His favorite things are giving kisses, and his babies. Momo is more quiet and reserved, but equally loving. Her favorite things are treats (hers, and everyone else's!), and snuggling under the covers. They are very easy dogs to have around; they entertain themselves, and are incredibly well behaved, especially considering their past history.  We tried for over a year to find them a home together to no avail (and much to our surprise because they are such fabulous dogs!), so we have removed them from our networking pages at this time.   If a perfect family comes forward, we will consider adopting them out - but for now, they are home.   

Mack was saved from a Los Angeles Shelter by a local Jindo Rescue.  He needed transport from the puller's home to the foster, so Jim picked him up and drove him to our house, where we met his fosters.  Mack was very near and dear to our hearts, because we adore the Jindo breed, and because he was such a sweet boy!   We were thrilled when he was adopted by a family who adores him. 

Precious little senior Rita Moreno was on the euthanasia list at the Moreno Shelter.  Meade Canine Rescue once again stepped up and asked for a foster pending transport, so we pulled her from the shelter.   The poor darling was quite bloated and miserable, and covered in urine.  I made an appointment with my veterinarian to have her examined first thing in the morning.   We got her home and gave her a bath, and tucked her into bed.   By morning, she had passed away.   This was my first experience with losing a dog, and it broke my heart to say goodbye to her.  Her little body gave out, but we are so grateful that she left this world in a comfortable bed, surrounded with love, instead of in a cold, heartless shelter. 

Tania was at the Carson Shelter, and another rescue posted a plea for a puller, transporter, and temporary foster.   Jim picked her up and brought her home, and a volunteer stepped in as a long-term foster.   As often happens in rescue, Tania was a "foster failure", meaning that her mom loved her so much, she couldn't give her up and ended up adopting her!   She and her canine siblings adore one another. 

We adopted Bella in 2009.  She was a stray, and had been living for at least a year in an elderly woman's backyard in a dangerous neighborhood, with very little human contact.   When the woman realized she could no longer properly care for her, she reached out to a Palos Verdes rescue group.   We found Bella on, and she immediately settled in and became part of our family.   Bella and Sasha were the best of friends, and were inseparable.   Bella is a happy girl, a bit guarded and protective at first, but quite loving once she gets to know a person.  She is currently in remission from cancer (mast cell tumors).  Bella is our love dog!

Beautiful Lola, a six month old puppy, had been living on the street for at least two months. It is strongly suspected that her family left her behind when they moved. A lovely woman named Tammi had been trying to catch her all that time - to no avail - so she reached out for assistance.  After a few hours, they were finally able to get a slip-leash around Lola and they brought her back to Tammi's home.

Lola was terrified. She completely shut down. Tammi's husband got down on his knees, and Lola nestled into him, and he sang to her.  They were unable to get her into the house because she was so afraid. They didn't want to traumatize her any further, so they made a comfy bed for her in one of the horse barns.

The following morning, she rolled over for a belly rub!  She was probably so relieved and grateful to be somewhere safe and loved. Kisses and Paws ensured that she received all of her vetting, and a trainer worked with her to help her adjust more quickly to her new surroundings.   After just a few weeks, Lola's foster mom fell in love with her and knew that she couldn't part with her, so Lola is officially home!  

Occasionally, we are contacted by people who need help finding a new home for their animals.   We try to help in these situations whenever possible so that we can help keep animals out of the shelter.  We were contacted by a man who was in need of help re-homing his beloved dog Qismat, a five year old purebred Blonde Lab.  We were contacted by a gal who volunteers in rescue.  She told us that her neighbor who was pre-approved for adoption was very interested in meeting Qismat - the only catch was that they lived in Santa Barbara!   The family decided to take a chance and drive down to Riverside County to meet him.   It was love at first site, and Qismat now has a new, wonderful forever family!  





Shelter Photo

Jim had the honor of transporting this adorable dog for our friends at BFF K9 Rescue to his foster in the Temecula area.   In a happy turn of events, we learned shortly thereafter that this darling dog became another foster failure! 

I received a plea from my rescue friend Colleen from Ruff Riders Rescue to pull and transport this tiny little one from the South LA Shelter to her foster.   She had been thrown from a car, and her leg was broken and the bones shattered, but her family never took her to the vet to have it repaired.   She ended up in the shelter as a stray, and when her family was contacted, they were instructed that they needed to take her to the vet and provide proof that her leg had been examined and treated by a veterinarian.  Instead, they opted to leave her at the shelter.   Colleen came to her rescue and saved her.  Sadly, her leg ultimately had to be amputated, but she didn't seem to mind.  In fact, it was probably such a relief to her!   She is happy, and dearly loved by her new family!

We saw a post on Facebook about a 500 pound pig who was living in a backyard in Culver City.   The family was getting evicted from their home, and wanted to find somewhere safe for him to go.   This was my first experience in pig rescue.  After much research and contacting quite a few pig rescues, the wonderful Sue Parkinson from Lil' Orphan Hammies said she would take him into her rescue in Solvang.   We did some research into transports and found a fabulous transporter, and the plans were set!   Charlie settled in quickly and started eating healthy foods (as opposed to the bean burritos he had been living on for most of his life), and ended up weighing 900 pounds!   Charlie was one of the catalysts that started me on my journey to become a vegetarian.  He will always hold a very special place in my heart, as does Sue, who does so much on behalf of the pigs.

Joy and Trixie were abandoned in their backyard when their family moved away.  They survived for six weeks on grass, and the occasional food and water brought over by a neighbor.   When it was finally decided that the family was not returning for their dogs, the neighbor took them to the Carson Shelter.   They were starving, and frightened.  Our dear friend Gina from Animal Crackers Pet Rescue said she would take them under her rescue if she could find a foster.   She put out a plea, and received no response.   I saw the email, but we were relatively new to rescue, and weren't sure we could take on two dogs at once.  We decided that if we saw the plea a second time, we would offer to take them.   Another plea went out, this time to over 10,000 people thanks to the assistance of the Mayor of Gina's town, who was a personal friend of hers.  Again, no one came forward.   Jim and I brought them home, and they were with us for two months until they found the most perfect home.   We had the honor of assisting them through their transition of being scared little dogs, to being two of the happiest dogs we've ever met.


First day out of shelter


We learned about Jia through a Facebook post.   Our rescue friend was at the Lancaster Shelter as Jia and her brother were being turned in by someone who knew their owner.   The family was homeless and living out of their car.    Jia's brother looked just like our Sasha.  We contacted a local Jindo rescue, who said that they would take these two into their rescue if a foster could be found.   We already had two fosters, but couldn't stand the thought of these two losing their lives at this very high kill shelter.   We volunteered to foster the two of them, however learned that the brother had already been pulled, and the sister was left behind.   The next day, I drove out to Lancaster to pick her up.   She was a tiny little thing, but we thought she was most likely a Jindo/Shiba Inu mix.   While at my vet's office getting an exam, I decided to have her DNA tested.   Much to our surprise, she wasn't a Jindo at all - she was a Husky/Corgi mix!   It really shouldn't have come as much surprise, because she definitely has the Husky personality!   We developed a very special bond with her, and are grateful to her new family who has given her a perfect home.   She now lives at the beach in a dog-friendly community, gets several walks a day, and is loving her new life.   We are so thrilled for her! 

Chrystal Belle was on the euthanasia list at the Orange County Shelter.   Charlotte from Meade Canine Rescue said that she would take her, along with Wendy, if we could pull her.   What a little character!   For such a tiny thing, she had a very loud (and constant) bark!    She rode with us along with Wendy up to Meade.  Much to our surprise, she was adopted within the first few days of her arrival at Meade!  

Sara was our first foster, inspired by Bella's rescuer, our lovely friend Laura.  Sara was with us for a couple of weeks until we thought she found her forever home.   Unfortunately, it wasn't a good fit, and Sara was returned.  However, Sara ultimately found the most perfect home with a delightful family who adores her.   Her name was changed to Sasha, and her mom says Sasha is her very best friend!
We had the honor of helping with a pig rescue several years ago that literally changed our lives. Since then, we have been advocating not only for dogs, but also pigs and other animals.  We encourage everyone to do some research into what fabulous and intelligent beings they are, and to please make compassionate choices. 

A few weeks ago, a lovely female potbellied pig was saved from slaughter at a stockyard in the Inland Empire. She was sold to a kind-hearted rescuer for five dollars!  The rescuer brought her to their family home in Norco. The poor pig was so stressed and frightened. The rescuer gave her a healthy, warm meal, and provided a secluded and safe place to rest with many blankets and fresh water. Within 24 hours, the female pig shocked everyone when she unexpectedly gave birth to seven piglets! Five girls and two boys. Sadly, one of the baby boys did not survive the birthing, and the second baby boy was accidentally laid on by the exhausted and weak Mama pig. She was not able to provide milk, so the five baby girls were bottle-fed every two hours for several weeks.

Wonderful homes have been found for the Mama and all of her babies. Because these pigs were saved by respectable pig rescuers, before any adoptions were considered, all of the girls were spayed and vaccinated, and received post-op care until they were safe to travel to their new forever homes.  Kisses and Paws Rescue was honored to be a part of their journey, working with our fabulous pig rescue friend Rosalinde Tropper, whom we've known (and loved!) for several years. They are now going to be healthy, happy pigs, and never have to worry about ending up on someone's dinner plate.  If you would like more information about the plight of pigs, or how you can help, please check out our friend Sue Parkinson's website:, or contact us personally.      

Ella ... all grown up!


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Darling Greer was yet another sweet dog on the euthanasia list at the Carson Shelter that Meade Canine Rescue said they would take into their rescue if someone could pull and foster pending transport.  I brought her home, and she was with us for a couple of weeks.   Shortly after her arrival at Meade, she was quickly adopted by a family who lives on a farm in Connecticut, and now her days consist of happily running around the fields, hanging out with her horse friends, and being loved and spoiled by her new family! 

Gracie was with us for a week pending transport to a rescue in Oregon.   She only had three legs, but she didn't seem to notice!   She was a perfect houseguest.   When we received word that she arrived safely in Oregon, the first question they asked us was whether we knew she was pregnant!   We did not know; it came as quite a surprise.   I'm sure she had the most adorable puppies and was a wonderful mama to them!   We met Gracie through my friend Eileen, who was instrumental in introducing me to rescue through social media networking.

 Lela Bell!
In addition to our Kisses and Paws dogs, we occasionally have the honor of assisting some of our other rescue friends with their animals. We pulled this beautiful senior gal, Lela Bell, from the Baldwin Park Shelter and fostered her for the week until her flight with Pilots N Paws to Muttville Senior Rescue in San Francisco.

Lela Bell and three other lucky dogs who were pulled from local shelters were on the flight to begin their new lives. We were so thrilled to be part of their journey!  Our deepest gratitude to our fabulous Pilots N Paws, and of course to our friends at Muttville for saving all of these dogs and giving them the chance to live out the rest of their lives surrounded with happiness and love!

Parker and Momo!




Monet was taken in by Animal Crackers Pet Rescue as a puppy.   The rescue was in the process of moving to a new facility and needed to find temporary fosters for all of the little ones in their care, so we fostered this happy boy for a couple of months.   What a joy it was to have him around.  He rarely sat still because he was so excited, which is why most of my photos of him are just a blur!  

We met Jane Dog when we were headed to the dog park, with our car filled with four large, excited dogs.   She was a stray, and running down a busy street.   We were able to catch her and squeeze her into the tiny bit of room that was still available in the car.   We quickly found out that she was a runner, and would escape if given the opportunity!   Through networking on Facebook, after about two months, we found her a great home.


Cupcake and Paulie!



We were contacted by one of our neighbors  who told us that they had taken possession of a duck that their friend had purchased at a swap meet.   They weren't in a position to keep her, but felt that they needed to help get her into a better environment.   We reached out to several possibilities, and then remembered that Jim's uncle has a bird sanctuary in Phelan, and he agreed to take her!   Ella is now happily residing with other duck friends, and spends her days swimming around the pond.

Sadie was dying at the Carson Shelter from starvation and exposure to the elements.  She weighed only eight pounds, and her ideal weight is around 17 pounds.  The veterinarian at the shelter said she wouldn't survive another night.   We were contacted by Gina from Animal Crackers Pet Rescue and asked if we could foster.   We met the transporter, and Sadie - named in honor of our friend's dog - came to stay with us for a couple of weeks.   Every day, she got stronger, and happier!   Our dear friends (who also happen to be our neighbors) came by to meet her, and immediately fell in love!   They adopted her a couple of weeks later.  She now has the most wonderful life!

Our dear friend and fabulous foster Michelle has been such an amazing advocate to the strays in her community. When a dog needs help, she doesn't hesitate to come to their rescue. This beautiful girl wandered into Michelle's life, and it was definitely Gemma's lucky day! Bless her heart - she has such a sad background. But because of Michelle's compassionate heart, Gemma's life will only be filled with happiness from this point forward!

Gemma was abandoned by her owner and left on the street to fend for herself.   Michelle found her in her front yard and took her in, knowing that she probably had very little chance of being adopted from the shelter.   Michelle later learned that Gemma belonged to one of her neighbors, who was having legal issues.  Just before the woman was arrested, she let Gemma loose.  

Gemma suffered terrible neglect and abuse.   She was beaten with bats, covered in cigarette burns, and severely malnourished.   After hearing such a horror story, you would think Gemma would have trust issues.  But she doesn’t.   She is a complete love.   Thanks to her foster family who saved her and took her in, she has finally come to know what it feels like to be loved, and part of a family.  She is in heaven over the fact that she now has toys!  

We received an email from a woman whose heart went out to Gemma when she heard her story.  When she met Gemma, she knew immediately that Gemma belonged in her family.   Gemma now has a wonderful life, thanks to her foster Mom Michelle, who knew Gemma was special and deserved a loving home, and to Gemma's new mom Denise.   We are so grateful to those who foster, and those who adopt!  


Boomer! (now Busa)
A friend was considering adopting a third dog.  She decided that it would be best to adopt a dog as young as possible, given that she has two other dogs and a little boy to consider. Her heart went out to the plight of the misunderstood and unfairly categorized Pittie breed, so she decided to adopt a Pittie. After about half an hour of research, I came across the thread of a lovely young woman named Ashley who was trying to help some friends re-home their three month old Pittie. They got him from a breeder, but thereafter decided that a puppy was too much for them, and the puppy was shelter-bound in the next day or so if a new home wasn't found. Long story short, after several emails exchanged, Boomer was adopted, and another dog was saved from ending up in the shelter!    


Rita Moreno!

Sissy was on the euthanasia list at the Carson Shelter.   She looked so much like Sadie who we had fostered the year prior, so I shared her photo and mentioned the resemblance to Sadie's family.   They agreed, but weren't sure they were quite ready for a second dog.   After several discussions about what could be done to save her, I contacted the lovely Skye Swan from Cause 4 Paws, who agreed to back Sissy through her rescue, and our friends agreed to foster.   Long story short, she quickly became a foster failure!   Sadie and Sissy have become the best of friends, and are inseparable!   They are living the life that every dog deserves.  As an added bonus, they are our neighbors, so we get to see them on a regular basis!   

Rocky belonged to a friend of a friend.   His family was moving and they were going to take this darling senior to the shelter because they said they didn't have room for the five pounds of him in their new home.   We took him in, and after substantial veterinary bills due to the lack of care from his original family, he was in perfect shape and ready to find his forever family.   Surprisingly to us, and thanks to Facebook networking, within just a couple of weeks, a friend of a rescue friend saw him and adopted him!   He now is living with several other Pomeranians, has a luxurious fur coat, and goes wherever the family goes, including their vacations to the lake.   He's one lucky Pomeranian, and we were lucky to make some lovely new friends!

​​​  Cora!
We went to the Baldwin Park Shelter to evaluate this lovely Jindo named Suri.   The staff reported that she was a friendly girl when dropped off at the shelter by her owner, who was moving and said she couldn't take Suri with her.   When we went to visit her a couple of days later, she was terrified.   She wouldn't take any of the treats offered to her, and an hour later when we returned to check on her after visiting the rest of the dogs, she was still in the same place - as though she was afraid to even move.   A couple of weeks later, a local Jindo rescue found a foster home for her, so I picked her up and transported her to the foster.   As soon as we left the shelter, she was like a different dog - so happy!   She is a beautiful little girl, and is now settled in her forever home!    



Cupcake and Paulie were on the euthanasia list at the Baldwin Park Shelter.   Meade Canine Rescue saved Cupcake, and another rescue up north agreed to take Paulie.   We pulled them both, and kept them here for a week pending transport.   Cupcake was quiet and reserved.  The poor little darling was most likely used as a breeder dog and then dumped when she was no longer considered useful.   Paulie, on the other hand, just wanted to be where he could find the most action!   Both were equally sweet in their own ways, and a pleasure to have here with us. 

We saw Wyla's photo on the euthanasia list at the Devore Shelter, and we pulled her with only twenty minutes to spare.   She was such a delight.   Always happy, always doing something silly to make us laugh.  Wyla was with us for six months before a friend of ours adopted her.  He decided that for personal reasons of his own, he could no longer keep her.  However, during that time, his friend had fallen in love with her and said that she wanted to adopt her.   So Wyla is living at the beach, and gets to hike for miles along the coast nearly every day.   And she is loved and cherished by her mom.   Wyla is living the dream! 

One of our wonderful fosters met Taquito in her front yard. He was a frequent visitor; if he heard Michelle or her daughters outside, he would come running! He was quite smitten! Michelle was concerned about him being allowed to run loose in the neighborhood, especially considering the coyotes in the area. She soon learned Taquito’s tragic story – about a year prior, one of her neighbors found him as a stray. He recently decided he no longer wanted a dog, removed Taquito’s collar, opened his front door, and let him go.

Michelle came to Taquito’s rescue. He is the sweetest little fellow! He loves everyone, including children and other dogs.  He quickly bonded with his foster siblings, and they became the best of friends within a matter of days.   He fit in so beautifully with the rest of the family, it felt like he had been with them forever.   As such, we received a call from his foster mom, saying that Taquito wasn't going anywhere, and he is now a forever member of his new pack!   

Lola's life on the street


Shelter photo

Max's 'home' on the streets

Chrystal Belle!

While en route to pick up Max from the shop owner, I was driving on the 60 Freeway and saw something fly through the air past my windshield that looked like a tiny kitten.   I was in the fast lane, so I pulled to the middle shoulder and watched out my rear view mirror.   Sure enough, I saw this tiny little thing start to run down the freeway.  I jumped out of my car and went in search of him.   I walked a substantial distance, but couldn't find him, and didn't see him in any of the lanes on the freeway.  I looked over the center divider, and there he was - terrified and shaking.   I knew if I reached over, I only had one shot to grab him, because otherwise he would most likely run into traffic.   I took a deep breath, climbed over the divider, and quickly grabbed him.   He wasn't too happy about it, and started biting me, but I just told him "It's ok, little fella ... bite me if you need to ... I know you're scared - I'm scared too!"  Cars were racing past us, honking their horns, undoubtedly wondering what this woman was doing out of her car in the middle of the freeway.   When I got back into my car, I sat him on the seat next to me and he bolted under the seat.  I wasn't sure if he was injured.  I went into a state of shock.  I wasn't sure what to do - I was en route to pick up an 80 pound stray Ridgeback who was shelter-bound if I didn't arrive by noon, and now I had this tiny kitten, loose in my car.   As I sat on the freeway, I was in a panic, and wasn't quite sure what to do.  As I sat on the shoulder on the center divider, I posted on Facebook to ask some advice - I couldn't think clearly, and wasn't even sure where I was located at that point.  I decided the first thing to do was to get him to a veterinarian, so I drove to one that was located down the street from my office.   They gave him an exam and determined he was about eight weeks old.   Fortunately, he didn't have any major injuries other than some abrasions from the cement.   I posted our ordeal on facebook, and was contacted by Channels 2 and 9 news for an interview!   They came to the house that evening and interviewed me, and the interview was aired later that night.  Marvin was adopted by one of our best friends, and he is now known as Mikey! 

Tanner was also on the euthanasia list at the Devore Shelter.   As the clock ticked closer to the end of the day, we couldn't stand the thought of this handsome boy losing his life, so at the last minute, we had him pulled.   As it turns out, Tanner had severe separation anxiety, and could escape through any crate or kennel on the market, within minutes.   Because of his special quirks, we had a difficult time finding him a home.  After several months, a friend of a friend saw his photo and story on Facebook, so we hired a private transport, and the father and son personally drove him to Washington to meet his lovely new family.
The friend of a lovely neighbor of ours found these two tiny kittens abandoned in a parking lot. She watched for the mama to return, but sadly she never did. Therefore, she brought the babies home with her a few nights ago, and she and my neighbor have been caring for them. Our rescue is honored to be helping this little family by sponsoring their vetting care. We took them to our vet, and other than a bit of an eye infection for which they are now receiving treatment, they are in excellent health! It was determined that these two little ones are from two different litters! The little girl (the grey one) is about five weeks old. She has been such a good little mama to the little boy (the cream one), who is approximately three weeks. Our guess is that there was more than one litter in the parking lot where they were found, and it's possible that one of them was abandoned, and the mama took that little one under her care. There's a very strong likelihood that the woman who found them is going to keep them, and we are absolutely thrilled, because there are so many cats and kittens in our shelter system already, tragically most of whom don't make it out. If the mama does eventually return, we will be getting her spayed, and if she's not feral we will try to find a loving home for her too. Please send good thoughts for these little darlings! And a special thanks to the kind-hearted women who took them in!

Ruby's back surgery



Joy and Trixie! (now Trance & Yeti)

One summer day as I was driving down La Brea, a busy street in Los Angeles, on the way to my office, I noticed a dog roaming the streets and dodging between cars.  I made a u-turn and went back to find him.   He allowed me to approach him, and lead me to an auto body shop.   I was informed that his name was Max, and his family who had lived in the house next door had moved away two years prior, and left him behind.  The owner of the shop had been feeding him and keeping him locked in the gates at night, but he had planned to take him to the shelter the following day because he kept getting out and into traffic.   My heart broke.  I begged them to give me until noon the following day to find a place for him to go.  I contacted all of my usual rescue contacts, but all of the rescues were full.   In desperation, I told the shop owner that I would get him the following day, and would figure out what to do with him thereafter.   I brought him to my veterinarian's office for boarding, but didn't have the heart to leave him.   I called my mom in tears, and she told me to bring him over, and said that she would foster him until we could find another foster, or a forever home.   Max was with them for several months.   A friend on facebook tagged a Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, and they kindly shared him on their website.   A family who had lost their Ridgeback a couple of years prior came to meet him, and Max went from living on the streets, to a loving home!   He now has several acres to call his own, with plenty of room to run and play! 

Jasper was on the euthanasia list at the Harbor Shelter.   Our friends from BFF K9 Rescue said they would take him under their rescue if they could find a foster.  We volunteered, and he was with us about two months.   He's an easy-going little guy, who loves to snuggle and hang out with the rest of the pack.  His favorite thing is belly rubs!   A friend of a friend saw his photo on Facebook, and after a successful meeting, the family adopted him!   We have had the honor of keeping in touch with his beautiful family, and every once in a while he comes to stay with us while his family is on vacation!
This sweet little girl was watching her human dad while he worked in the yard.   Her dad was up on a ladder, lost his balance and fell, landing on Ruby.  Tragically, her back was broken, requiring intensive surgery.  The family was devastated.  They consider Ruby one of their kids, and were determined to do whatever they could to save her.   Kisses and Paws was honored to be able to help with fundraising efforts to bring the costs down a bit for this family, in an effort to help ease their burden.   Ruby has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home, happy to be reunited with her loving family!   She has a long road ahead of her, but thanks to her family and to the kindness of some compassionate strangers,  she will be running around with her canine siblings very soon!  
I learned about Kayla through a networking effort on Facebook.   She was a senior, on the euthanasia list at a Los Angeles Shelter.   A group of compassionate strangers came together to save her.  We found a foster for her in Oregon, and five of us made a plan to transport her to her foster, Cyndi.   I was the first portion of the transport.  I drove about four hours to San Luis Obispo to meet someone named Melissa for the next portion of Kayla's journey.   Throughout Melissa's drive, I received texts about every twenty minutes - "Oh, I love her so much!"  "She's the best dog!"  "Do you think she's good with cats?"  And then I received the one that I knew was coming next - "Do you think Cyndi would be upset if I adopted her?!"  And the rest was history!   So Kayla never made it to Oregon.  Instead, she stayed up north with her new beloved family until she left this earth.  And thanks to Kayla, I met some of the most wonderful women who will be forever friends.

Ramona's flight with Pilots N Paws


Sara! (now Sasha)

Norman was on the euthanasia list at the Devore Shelter.  Our friend (and Bella's rescuer) Laura said she had a friend who wanted to adopt him, but lived several hours from the shelter and it wouldn't be possible for her to get there before it was too late.  Jim and I drove out to the shelter and met him.   Norman had a wonderful disposition, but it was obvious that he was quite sad being in the shelter.   We completed the paperwork to have him pulled and sent to the veterinarian for his neuter, and he was picked up the next afternoon by his new Mama.   He now lives with several other animals, including a parrot and guinea pig, who as his mom puts it, he "watches incessantly like a television set".  We love receiving updates from his lovely mom.   He is such a fortunate dog to have been rescued by such a loving family, and his mom says she is so blessed that he came into her life. 

We received an email that this special little girl needed a foster pending transport to a wonderful rescue up north, Muttville Senior Rescue.   She stayed with us for about a week.   Poor little thing had a primary and secondary skin infection, and an infection in both of her ears, resulting in a great amount of discomfort.   We immediately got her in to see the veterinarian and started on medication, and within a few days we could already see a huge improvement.   About six months later, we received an email from her new family, and they reported that she was their first dog adopted together as a couple, and she has brought them so much happiness and joy!   As a side note, we named Cindy after the lovely soul who adopted Chaya. 

  Blackie and Brownie!

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First day out of shelter

This adorable senior was on the euthanasia list at the San Jacinto Shelter.  We received an email from Meade Canine Rescue stating that they would take her, but there was less than an hour left to find someone to get to the shelter to pull her.   We had just lost our beloved Sasha to cancer a few days prior, and I wasn't quite ready to leave the house, but I knew if I didn't, we would lose another precious soul.  I drove out to San Jacinto and pulled her, and brought her back to the house pending transport to Meade.   She was the sweetest little girl.   Very feeble, but still tried her best to run around the yard because she was so excited to be out of the shelter!  We could see the gratitude in her eyes.  I can't help but think our Sasha had a "paw" in Charlotte contacting me that day, getting me out of the house, and reminding me why I am here, and what I am meant to do.   It was like Sasha said "Mama, no more sadness.   There are dogs who need help".   Charlotte gave me the cherished honor of naming this beautiful little girl after me.  

Darling Leo was saved by another one of our favorite rescues, Cause 4 Paws.  He was in boarding, but his spirit was declining each day because he wanted so badly to be with a family.   We agreed to foster him, and he was such a delight!   However, after a couple of months of failed housebreaking efforts, we reached out to our Pomeranian rescue friend Moirra O'Brien, and she suggested that she take Leo in and train him at her ranch.   So off Leo went to the Pom E. Ranch!  He loved his time there with all of the other Pomeranians, and we were thrilled to get updates, especially the one informing us about his lovely new family who adopted him!  
Two Good Samaritans alerted our community about this dog who was seen at our local Wienerschnitzel. They posted a plea asking if anyone could help him. I saw the post two hours later, and went to try to find him but was unsuccessful. Our rescue is completely full at this time, but I couldn't just leave him on the street. I immediately started working on a plan.

When I arrived at the restaurant, I spoke with one of the employees who said he was homeless and lived in the field behind the restaurant. Nearly every day for the last three months, he would stop by in the evening, and she would give him hot dogs. I went back again the following day and waited several hours - and he finally appeared!   I took him directly to the vet, where he received a full check up, blood work, flea and tick meds and tick removal which took a couple of hours!  He was also missing some teeth, and some were broken off - likely from eating rocks while living on the street.  He quickly warmed up to me, and I could see the look of gratitude in his eyes. 
I contacted our beautiful friend Skye Swan to see if she had any suggestions for this darling boy. She put me in touch with a fabulous rescue - Sally's Rescue, Inc., and Sally enthusiastically said she could take him!

When Larry's blood work returned, we learned that he was severely anemic from the flea and tick bites, and was immediately hospitalized and received medication via an IV for about a week.   The vet said that Larry would not have lived much longer on the street. 

We are thrilled to announce that Larry made a full recovery, and was adopted by a lovely woman!   He will now be forever loved, and will never be homeless again.  A huge thank you goes out to Diane and Laurie - Larry's good samaritans, and to Norma - the sweet gal at Wienerschitzel who made sure he had a meal every night, and to Skye for always being there, and to Sally for her great big loving heart for taking him in!

Emmet! (now Bandit)
This lovely young Shepherd mix was found in Riverside by a wonderful family who took him in. It was evident that this darling had not been well cared for or loved for quite some time. When he was found, he was extremely thin, covered in ticks, not neutered, and his paws were cover in gum. His foster mom gave him a bath, and at first he was unsure about it but quickly learned he liked it! Emmet is a gentle sole; his tender eyes will turn you to mush. He was so excited to see his foster mom every morning! His smile is exuberant, and his morning hugs and his desire to sit and "hold hands" are just precious. Emmet loves his ball and loves to fetch!   According to his foster mom, he just "smiles and hangs his tongue out all day long". Emmet is one in a million. He stole the heart of his foster family, and we are thrilled to announce that he has found his forever home with a fabulous family, including a canine brother named Bean! 



Lola Brown was found on the side of a Los Angeles freeway.  I helped network her on Facebook, and a friend of a friend saw her photo and adopted her!   She is loving her new life, and her family absolutely adores her! 

  Snoopy and Bo!
These two adorable dogs were strays in our community.  After further investigation, we learned that they frequently were found wandering the streets, and had been returned to their owner each time.  This time, however, they were taken to the shelter.   When their owners were contacted, they said they were not interested in getting them out, even though they were informed that these two sweethearts would most likely be euthanized.   A rescue friend of ours wasn't going to let that happen.   She put a plan together, and with the help of a foster, and Kisses and Paws backing their pull fees and other expenses, we were able to save them, and they are now in loving homes! 




We received a plea about a goat who was scheduled to be sent for slaughter if a new home wasn't found.  We figured it was a long shot, but we contacted our friends Ty and Maria and asked if they might be interested in adopting him, as we knew they previously had goats.   Much to our surprise, they said yes!   Gino the Goat is now living happily on several acres, along with many other animal friends!  And just recently, the family adopted another goat who was being sent to slaughter, so he now has another goat friend! 

Cora is a beautiful Lab mix who through no fault of her own was in need of a new home.  We were contacted by her mom, who had surgery and unable to continue to give Cora the attention she deserved.  Cora is a love dog - she sometimes forgets she's not a lap dog, and will try to be one anyway!  Her favorite things include going for rides in the car, playing chase, and watching for bunnies in her yard.   

We searched for a home for Cora for about a year, and sadly had very few inquiries.  Black dogs are the last to be adopted, so in spite of Cora's fabulous personality, we didn't have many families who were contacting us about her.   

We reached out for help from two of our rescue friends from A Pass For Paws and Fluffs & Scruffs Rescue, to see if they could help.  Through their contacts, Cora received training from a local trainer, and while she was in boarding, we were contacted by a lovely local couple who wanted to meet her.   It was love at first sight, and Cora was officially adopted on Christmas Eve!   We can't think of a more perfect gift!  


This is darling Faye!  Our friend had been networking this sweet girl on facebook from the Moreno Valley Shelter, and her heart was breaking because Faye was nearing her euthanasia date, and no one had come forward for her.   From the moment we pulled her from the shelter, we could see that she was such a delightful girl!   She's around 12 years old, but one wouldn't know it because she is so spry and full of life!   She is missing all of her teeth, so her little tongue hangs out constantly, but she doesn't seem to mind.   We assured her that it's part of her charm!   She is great with other dogs, large and small, and is so easy to have around.  We were thrilled when our dear friend said she wanted to meet her, and adopted her immediately thereafter!  We are so happy that she has remained a part of our forever family.   She loves her new canine siblings, and the feeling is mutual! 



Wendy was on the euthanasia list at the Devore Shelter.   We received a plea from one of our most special rescues, Meade Canine Rescue, who said they would take her if they could find a foster pending transport.  Jim and I pulled and fostered her, but instead of sending her with the transporter, decided to drive her to Creston, CA ourselves to check out the rescue and to meet Charlotte, the rescue's founder.   Wendy was a delightful guest.  So easy and quiet.   The only way we knew she was around was by the constant thumping of her happy tail!  When we arrived at Meade, we let Wendy out of the car, and she found a shady spot under a lovely tree and immediately made herself at home.  It was like she belonged there.  It was bitter-sweet saying goodbye because we adored her, but we knew she was in excellent care with Charlotte and the rest of the dogs.   Several months later, we received a message from Charlotte that Wendy had been adopted by a lovely woman who had recently lost her beloved husband, and dog.   She said there was now a joy in her heart that hadn't been there for quite some time.  She went to Meade to adopt a different dog, but apparently Wendy had something else in mind.   Wendy hadn't shown much interest in anyone else who visited Meade, but for some reason, she decided that this woman was her new family.   And she made her feelings known.  So Wendy, and the other dog, found their forever home that day! 

 Shenzi !  
This darling four month old Labrador-mix puppy was abandoned in her home when her family moved away and left her behind. Our lovely neighbor Kelley who is a postal carrier on that street saved her, and brought her home with the intention of finding her a forever home.   We told her we would do everything we could to help!

Kelley and her husband have another senior dog who isn't all that keen on young, energetic dogs, so Marcy was temporarily boarded at our vet's office.   While she was there, and while Kelley was there visiting her, one of our vet's long-time clients came in and asked if he knew of any dogs available for adoption.   They introduced her to Marcy, and within a few hours the entire family was there to meet her!   Suffice to say, it was love at first sight, and Marcy now has a fabulous new home with a wonderful family!   We are so happy for her!   And we are so grateful to Kelley for going above and beyond by taking her in, and keeping her safe until a home could be found! 

Shelter photo


Lola Brown!

Jake was another fortunate senior to be saved by Meade Canine Rescue.   We had another foster at the time, so we boarded him at our veterinarian's office for the two nights prior to his transport to Creston, CA.   Jake's family abandoned him at the shelter because he had some serious medical issues - he needed thousands of dollars worth of dental work, and had some other lumps and bumps that were cause for concern.   He enjoyed his time at Meade, and became quite famous around the rescue for his Beagle "wail".   He was a vocal boy who had much to say!   Jake was scheduled for surgery, but just before his surgery date, he peacefully passed away in one of his favorite quiet spots among the trees.  

Blackie and Brownie, and their mama and another sibling, were rescued from a horrible abuse situation two years ago. They were kept outdoors in a make-shift crate with no roof, and were tethered to the crate with heavy chains, with no bedding, and no food or water. The woman who saved them found a home for the mama and one of the puppies, and had been trying to find a home for these two, to no avail.  We promised we would help try to find them a forever home.  And we did!   They are now a part of the most wonderful family, with a human brother and sister who adore them!   We are so very happy for these two special little dogs!    
Mama Pig

Gino and Frankie

Sweet little senior Shenzi was found in the middle of winter wandering the streets by one of our neighbors. She contacted us for help, and although we were full at the time, we immediately started searching for a rescue who had room for this darling little girl.  Our friends at Muttville Senior Rescue in San Francisco happily agreed to take her in, and a private flight was arranged for her through Pilots N Paws!  Shenzi needed lots of TLC before she was adoptable, bless her heart. She was - in simple terms - a MESS!  Suffice to say, with the love and medical assistance she received while she was with our wonderful neighbor, and the continued love and care from the kind folks at Muttville, she recovered from all of her ailments, and we are thrilled to report that she was ADOPTED! Have a wonderful life, sweet Shenzi! We are so grateful to have been part of your journey!